Tuesday, 28 April 2015

KISSCosmetics Lip Vinyl || Lady In Red*

KISScosmetics Lip Vinyl Lady In RedKISScosmetics Lip Vinyl Lady In Red

I've been a really luckily girl lately, with a few brands expressing an interest in working with me! As you all know, make up is my passion, so when KISScosmetics contacted me a few months ago I felt very, very lucky to be part of their upcoming launch! I've been fortunate enough to get my little paws on the upcoming Lip Vinyl (launching May 6th) in Lady in Red - a bright, berry toned red that suits any skin tone.

KISScosmetics Lip Vinyl Lady In Red

Lip Vinyl is a liquid lipstick with extreme pigmentation in a high coverage gloss formula, ranging from neutral to bright colours. It can be applied all over the lip or blended out, depending how you want it to look. It has a non sticky finish, which is perfect for someone with wild locks like me. I tested it by swooshing my hair about and I can confirm that although it does catch a few hairs, they easily remove themselves when brushed away. The consistency once applied is pretty much like a creamy lipstick, rather than a gloss.

KISScosmetics Lip Vinyl Lady In Red

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the smell. I immediately thought of my Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle, it was soo good. The liquid is quite thick, almost like a soft gel, making it easy to apply without going overboard. I first applied it on it's own, then decided I definitely need a lip liner with it, as my application skills are a bit shit. So, off I went and over drew my lips with a liner to disguise the wobbly line. I didn't feel the need to blot off any of the product one it was on my lips and after eating a cupcake, chocolate coins and drinking tea, the Vinyl still looked as good as when I first applied it, with minimum transfer on my mug.

The shades of the Lip Vinyls match the KISStick colours perfect too or can be blended together. Ombre lip anyone? For the perfect pout, I would recommend applying KISSstick all over, then dabbing the matching Lip Vinyl into the middle (two dots on the top, one on the bottom, sort of in a heart shape!) to create a bigger, three dimensional look.

KISScosmetics Lip Vinyl Lady In Red

The Lip Vinyls launch on the 6th of May and the RRP is £7. All the products from KISScosmetics are cruelty free and the ingredients will be listed on the products. I'm very excited to see what's in store for the future and already have my eye on the KISSsticks and Locked Lips Sealer.

Have you heard of KISScosmetics already? What products do you want to try so far?

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Monday, 27 April 2015

Boutique Of Molly

Boutique of Molly

It's been a while since I've done a fashion post. Lately I've become really conscious of my weight as I've put on quite a bit. It's more my face, my arms and my hips/stomach I'm conscious of, but it's been getting me a little down and I've started working really hard to tone up again. I'm still on my way there and funnily enough it's those areas I hate that haven't seemed to lose anything.

I keep putting off buying summer clothing with the excuse of "I'll buy once I lose weight", but when Boutique Of Molly contacted me about reviewing their clothing, I decided it was time I treated myself. After I quick browse of the website I was drawn to three particular pieces and just couldn't resist. The items were sent out and arrived a day later, to my excitement.
Boutique of MollyBoutique Of Molly

The item I knew I wanted straight away was the Leatherette Panel Jeggings. I love leggings, but can never find ones that aren't see through. Because these are jeggings, they're a lot thicker. I can't even begin to describe how comfy they are! They're thick enough to keep me warm when I'm out and about, but I still feel like I'm wearing something slouchy as they're sooo comfy. They're also the perfect length for my little legs and I don't have masses of material sagging about my ankles. For just under £15 these are an absolute steal. I wore the jeggings on Saturday for my friends 21st, paired with a crop top and boots, but they look fierce with a pair of killer heels.
Boutique Of Molly

The second item I had my eyes on was the Melange Knitted Cowl Neck Dress. I've been looking for a dress like this for a while, but I was a little apprehensive about how it would fit, as I hate how long dresses look on me. Although it is longer than I would usually pick, it hugs all the right places and is again amazing quality. I've been dressing it down on sunny days with trainers and bare legs, but it can definitely be dressed up with boots or heels and a blazer/leather jacket.

Boutique Of Molly

The last piece I chose to purchase is the Cowl Neck Top & Skirt Two Piece. I hummed and ho'd for ages about this one as I don't wear pastel colours that often, but I decided now is a good time to start. Needless to say the material is good quality, but I have a slight issue of not knowing what underwear to wear with it. It is quite see through and although it doesn't look bad on top, my booty makes it pretty obvious what I'm wearing on the bottom. So if anyone has any suggestions, that would be fab! I might invest on a little underskirt, but for now I'll have to save this outfit for a special occasion! I loved how it fitted and felt really good in it, aside from the big booty problems!

As I mentioned in all of the descriptions, the outfits were amazing quality and pretty standard sizing. There are a lot of popular brands that are a similar prices that are either awful quality (I'm sorry to say but I've been shocked at how thin BooHoo's clothing has become, even if it is reasonably cheap) or have teeny tiny sizes. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Boutique of Molly, as they're definitely a brand I will be keeping an eye on and going to for future spending sprees!

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Friday, 24 April 2015

Spring Beauty Picks

Spring Skincare Products

With the sun out for more than a week, I think it's safe to say we will soon transition into summer! I'm not one for totally changing my look throughout the seasons, but there are a few things I do differently in the hotter months, as my skin type starts to change. Here are a few products that keep me in tip to skin condition as the weather gets warmer!

Garnier Micellar Water

In winter, my skin gets dry and flaky. But as the seasons change towards summer, I start to get a lot more oil in my skin, especially on my T-Zone. I don't need as much moisturisation in my skin, so I switch up my day cream and use The Body Shops Vitamin E Sorbet. It's a gel like consistency so it doesn't have a greasy residue and has tiny spheres that burst when in contact with the skin, giving instant moisturisation that lasts though out the day. To stop my lips getting dried out by the sun, I still use Dr Lucas Paw Paw, as it really can't be beaten! I haven't had to use my lip scrub since I started using it.

A product that I held off buying for as long as possible is the MAC Fix+ Spray. Don't be fooled by the name, this is in no way a setting product! It can be worn under foundation to give your skin a boost of moisture, or on top to take away the powdery finish of - well, powder! I either spritz it directly onto my skin before I start my make up routine, or use to dampen my Beauty Blender. Then, when my make up is finished I give myself another light mist to get rid of my powdery look (I use a lot of powder around my eyes.) I know it's a bit of a gimmicky product, but I do find it helps to give me a dewy finish and keep my make up looking fresh throughout the day!

If I'm out and about during the day, I tend to wear a lighter foundation, especially if I'm going to be in the sun, as anything heavy will just melt off. The MAC BB Cream in a tube is priming, oil controlling and has an SPF of 35, perfect for summer! The Extra Light is a tad bit too dark for me, but as long as I blend it out onto my neck it's not at all noticeable. I've been trying to stay away from setting my whole face with powder, but I still need to set around my eyes and T-Zone to stop make up from slipping off. I don't know what it is about my skin, but I literally need to pat a good layer under my eyes and on my brow bone to stop my mascara from transferring. Right now I'm using the Natural Collection Loose Powder. It's cheap and it does the job!

The Body Shop Body Oil

As well as keeping my facial skin in tip top condition, I also try to keep my body skin in good shape! I hate most body moisturisers as they tend to be too sticky and sit on my skin, so I opt for The Body Shops Body Oil instead. I managed to get a hold of the Brazil Nut scent in the sale, so I've been using that one the past week. I only need a few drops for each section of my body and it sinks in really easily and most of all, quickly!

At the end of the day, I still use Garnier Micellar Water to get off my make up. I sometimes use a wipe to get off the majority of my make up, then sweep some Micellar Water over my skin and my eyes to remove any residue.

What products do you love for summer? Do you change it up from the winter months? 

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Top 5 Under £10

Top Products Under £10

Lately I've been delving into the more upmarket side of the beauty world, but sometimes you just can't beat the budget buys! Here are my top 5 beauty picks under £10:

The product I always, always use is Biore Pore Strips. Even though it is a lot pricier than other pore strips, it's always been the best I've found for clearing out pores. You can visibly see the dirt that was in your pores on the strip once you pull them off and I really feel like I get a good cleanse from each use.

The MUA Undressed Palettes are something I've had for a while and use pretty much daily. For a mere £4 each, they are amazing palettes to have, as they have great pigmentation and last all day without creasing. The foil finish shadows in the palettes look great, almost like a liquid eyeshadow! I use these in my professional kit as well as having my own for everyday use.

Another product from MUA that has really impressed me is they Luxe Lip Lacquers. They're £3 and easily compare to the likes of Lime Crime Velvetines and other well known liquid lip colours. I'm going through a nude lip phase so I constantly reach for Halcyon and Tranquillity. I don't need to top them up for hours, but as they're quite drying I do tend to lightly dab on some lip balm every now and again.

Top Products Under £10

I currently love the Montagne Jeunesse face masks from ASDA/Primark. They're only £1 and there are plenty of options, whether you want something to clean out the skin or something to moisturise. I normally use a peel off or self heating mask to clean out the pores, followed by something to add moisture and stop dry patches. The masks all smell amazing and work so well.

When it comes to fragrance, I like something soft and playful during the day, switching up to something more spicy for night time. I have a few of The Body Shop Eau De Toilette's from their Core range, which are perfect and inexpensive for every day use. I currently wear Vanilla or Brazil Nut and always get compliments, asking what I'm wearing.

What products do you love that are under £10? Do you have any that you would always choose over more expensive versions?

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Friday, 17 April 2015

I Got A Henna Design On My Hand

Henna On Hand

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you probably already know about this one. Yesterday one of the girls I work with brought in some tubes of henna as we're having a Bollywood themed make up day on Saturday. She gave everyone a different design (I think this is called mehndi but I'm not 100% sure, does anyone know?) on the back of our hands and we all got very, very excited. So excited in fact, that when one of the girls asked for what I had been thinking in my head, I had to hold back from stomping my feet like a child.

Henna On Hand

When it came to my turn, I obviously had a million and one questions. The tube of henna is so squishy that I couldn't believe that my work friend was managing to make the designs without squirting the mixture everywhere. She had taught herself when she was younger and explained that there are henna trends, just like there are trends for make up and fashion. It only took about 5 minutes to complete my design, then I had to sit patiently until the henna had dried enough that it wouldn't smudge. I moved my wrist around a little too much and it smudged slightly, but after it had dried enough I resisted the temptation to flake it all off as it lasts longer if you leave it on longer. I basically left the dried henna on until it flaked off itself, then put some body oil on my hand as it's meant to make it go darker and last longer. 

The henna looked bright orange on my skin, but changed to a dark brown overnight. I put a little bit more oil on it in the morning in hopes it will help the longevity of it, as I really like it and don't want it to fade!

Have you ever had henna? Where did you get it?

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