Friday, 17 April 2015

I Got A Henna Design On My Hand

Henna On Hand

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you probably already know about this one. Yesterday one of the girls I work with brought in some tubes of henna as we're having a Bollywood themed make up day on Saturday. She gave everyone a different design (I think this is called mehndi but I'm not 100% sure, does anyone know?) on the back of our hands and we all got very, very excited. So excited in fact, that when one of the girls asked for what I had been thinking in my head, I had to hold back from stomping my feet like a child.

Henna On Hand

When it came to my turn, I obviously had a million and one questions. The tube of henna is so squishy that I couldn't believe that my work friend was managing to make the designs without squirting the mixture everywhere. She had taught herself when she was younger and explained that there are henna trends, just like there are trends for make up and fashion. It only took about 5 minutes to complete my design, then I had to sit patiently until the henna had dried enough that it wouldn't smudge. I moved my wrist around a little too much and it smudged slightly, but after it had dried enough I resisted the temptation to flake it all off as it lasts longer if you leave it on longer. I basically left the dried henna on until it flaked off itself, then put some body oil on my hand as it's meant to make it go darker and last longer. 

The henna looked bright orange on my skin, but changed to a dark brown overnight. I put a little bit more oil on it in the morning in hopes it will help the longevity of it, as I really like it and don't want it to fade!

Have you ever had henna? Where did you get it?

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