Tuesday, 28 April 2015

KISSCosmetics Lip Vinyl || Lady In Red*

KISScosmetics Lip Vinyl Lady In RedKISScosmetics Lip Vinyl Lady In Red

I've been a really luckily girl lately, with a few brands expressing an interest in working with me! As you all know, make up is my passion, so when KISScosmetics contacted me a few months ago I felt very, very lucky to be part of their upcoming launch! I've been fortunate enough to get my little paws on the upcoming Lip Vinyl (launching May 6th) in Lady in Red - a bright, berry toned red that suits any skin tone.

KISScosmetics Lip Vinyl Lady In Red

Lip Vinyl is a liquid lipstick with extreme pigmentation in a high coverage gloss formula, ranging from neutral to bright colours. It can be applied all over the lip or blended out, depending how you want it to look. It has a non sticky finish, which is perfect for someone with wild locks like me. I tested it by swooshing my hair about and I can confirm that although it does catch a few hairs, they easily remove themselves when brushed away. The consistency once applied is pretty much like a creamy lipstick, rather than a gloss.

KISScosmetics Lip Vinyl Lady In Red

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the smell. I immediately thought of my Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle, it was soo good. The liquid is quite thick, almost like a soft gel, making it easy to apply without going overboard. I first applied it on it's own, then decided I definitely need a lip liner with it, as my application skills are a bit shit. So, off I went and over drew my lips with a liner to disguise the wobbly line. I didn't feel the need to blot off any of the product one it was on my lips and after eating a cupcake, chocolate coins and drinking tea, the Vinyl still looked as good as when I first applied it, with minimum transfer on my mug.

The shades of the Lip Vinyls match the KISStick colours perfect too or can be blended together. Ombre lip anyone? For the perfect pout, I would recommend applying KISSstick all over, then dabbing the matching Lip Vinyl into the middle (two dots on the top, one on the bottom, sort of in a heart shape!) to create a bigger, three dimensional look.

KISScosmetics Lip Vinyl Lady In Red

The Lip Vinyls launch on the 6th of May and the RRP is £7. All the products from KISScosmetics are cruelty free and the ingredients will be listed on the products. I'm very excited to see what's in store for the future and already have my eye on the KISSsticks and Locked Lips Sealer.

Have you heard of KISScosmetics already? What products do you want to try so far?

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  1. I cannot wait to get my hands on this shade. It looks perfect.
    Gill x EyelinerFlicks

    1. It's lovely, isn't it? I think I want the purple KISStick so I can ombre them up!



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