Friday, 3 April 2015

March Degustabox

March Degustabox

I literally look forward to my monthly Degustabox SO MUCH every month. It's always exciting to try new things and there's always so many items in each! I get mine quite late on in the month so sometimes I see other bloggers posting about what is in it, which makes me even more excited.

March Degustabox

This month was quite a big mixture of items in the box. In the more meal time geared items we have Granola - which I used to make protein bars, - Natural Sources sweetener, BBQUE sauce in a very manly bottle and Kents Kitchen Posh Noodles. I was happy to see Kents Kitchen in the box again, as I loved the Meal Kit in my first Degustabox (here). Funnily enough, I enjoyed the noodles the day after I opened the box!

March Degustabox

In the snacking department we have Jelly Babies and Sour Patch Kids, which I won't eat as a veggie but will be handy for when friends come over! There were also 2 packs of mini Lindor Chocolate Eggs, which have been eaten quite fast and Bacon Bread Bites, which are veggie and really, really nice.

March Degustabox

As for drinks, there are two Crabbies in Black Cherry and Rasberry and Rhubarb, which has a really interesting colour. There is also Juice Burst Cranberry and Juice Burst Skinny Mango and Lime which sound pretty darn good!

Have you ever tried Degustabox? What is your favourite thing to get in it? Mine is definitely cooking kits and flavour shots!

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  1. heard so many great things about this subscription box! i love sour patches they are my favourite! x

    1. It's honestly so worth it! I've never had a month where I've been disappointed by it.



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