Friday, 10 April 2015

Whittard Of Chelsea Tea Bar

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Bar

Working in a shopping centre has it's perks. You can nip out on your break to buy that cute top you saw, pick up fake tan or other essentials for your weekend and there are plenty of options for food and drink. Chiquitos apparently even do take out, so hungover shifts are sorted! One of the places I've been past many times on my break but never been brave enough to stop at is the Whittard's Tea Bar. It popped up a month or so ago and I've hovered about a few times, looking at some of the teas and creeping on the people who are sat at the bar. I found it a little scary as it is literally a bar rather than a cafe, so it's out in the open. It is however, tucked under the centres main escalators, so once I sat at the bar I realised you feel nice and tucked away.
Whittard of Chelsea Tea Bar

Today myself and my mum were looking for somewhere to chill after meeting my brother for lunch - who is going to Finland for Uni this year WOOOO! - and a spot of shopping. We couldn't decide where to go and I suggested the Tea Bar. We wandered over and had a little look at the menu. After a few minutes a lovely member of staff answered all of our questions and even let us smell and feel a few of the teas. My mum chose a Milk Oolong tea, which smelt like caramel and I chose the Silver Needle White tea. Our teas came in teapots with little infusers as well as a timer with an optimum brewing time for each tea. I left mine an extra minute as I like my tea strong. Once you're happy with your tea, you take out the infuser and sit it on a little plate so that your tea doesn't get too strong.

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Bar

There are plenty kinds of tea to choose from and there's also the option for coffee. I asked about the teas being available for take away, which the staff said was fine but suggested giving it plenty of time as you need it to infuse first. I think this is perfect for me as I usually crave something after my lunch but don't want to fill myself up on sugary snacks. The teas we had were £4 each so it would definitely be more of a treat, but I'm interested in a few of the flavours so will be going more often for a take out tea!

Have you ever tried Whittards? Have you ever seen a tea bar before?

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  1. I have tried whittards before and I went crazy in there last time I went and bought 5 things... I haven't been or seen a tea bar arounds anywhere...

    1. Haha it's hard not to, they're so good!



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