Saturday, 23 May 2015

Simple Pleated Updo

Pleated Up Do

I've started to wear my hair down less and less, as it gets in my way at work. Most of the time I shove it up in a bun or in my banana clip, but I've decided to make more of an effort and try up out different looks. For my friends ball, I created a simple up do from four pleats.

I wanted the pleat to look as messy as possible, so I started by sectioning the hair into four sections and adding texturising powder. Then, I pleated the two sections at the front into loose pleats and pulled the pleats a little to create a nice messy effect. I pleated the back sections by pulling them forward towards the front of the head, to make it more even and easier to pin back.

Then, all that was left to do was to cross the two back pleats over and pin them at the back of the head, then place the two front pleats over the top. I pinned the ends of the pleats under the hair and pulled it a little more to keep up the messy theme!

What's your go to up do? Do you keep it nice and simple or experiment with different looks?
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    1. Thanks! I've been wearing it a lot at the moment, it's so pretty and keeps my hair out of my way!



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