Monday, 29 June 2015

A Quick Guide To Contouring

Ever since I learned about face shapes and how to change make up to suite each shape, I've been contouring my face. I'm extremely self conscious of my face, it never seems to lose any weight and it always makes me feel huge in photographs. Over the years I think I've pretty much perfected the art of the natural looking contour, if I do say so myself! So many clients and customers ask about contouring when getting their make up done, so I couldn't resist making a little post on how to contour.

Let's start with the boring stuff: 

Consider the colour of the product you're going to use. Instead of going straight for a bronzer, think about the colour of a natural shadow. They tend to be taupe and grey tones rather than golden!
Also consider your face shape. You want to darken the parts of the face you want to take focus away from and lighten those you want to push forward. So if you're already happy with your jawline, or think you have a small forehead as it is, then there's no need to contour there.
Think about the type of product and brush you want to use. Do you want cream products to create a dewy finish, or matte products for a matte finish? Which brushes work best with these textures?

Ok, now onto the technique! 

As I mentioned, you're aiming to darken the areas you want to draw attention away from and lighten the areas you want more of a focus on. 
For most people, the cheekbones seem to be the main area. If you feel your cheekbone, you want to add your contour colour underneath the bone, starting from the ear and blending in towards the underside of the cheeks. I scoop some of the colour up towards my temples to stop it being such an obvious line. If you end up going a little dark, blend the product up the way onto the cheekbone rather than down towards the jawline. If you wear blusher, sweep it onto the apples of the cheeks and blend up along the cheek bone. Then, add your highlight colour onto the top of the cheek bone. Again, I like to curve this up towards my temple, almost following my eye socket.
To create the illusion of a smaller, or more rounded forehead, add a contour colour to the outermost corners of the forehead and blend upwards into the hairline. For a "tall" forehead, concentrate more colour in the top middle and out towards the sides. Highlight the centre of the forehead, above the brow.
For nose contouring, add a small line of contour down either side of the bridge of the nose and down the top of the nostrils (imagine an "L" shape.) Add a little to the tip of the nose and highlight down the centre of the bridge.

Have you ever tried contouring? What do you use? Do you have any tips to share? Let me know below!

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Boutique Of Molly Cami Cross Over Dress

Hello wild hair.

Since I last blogged about Boutique of Molly (here), I've been thinking about the cross over dress. It's a little bit fancier than I'd normally choose for a night out (I'm much more of a leggings and crop top girl), but sometimes it is nice to dress up a bit!

The dress has a leatherette top with thin, stretch straps and a knitted crepe cross over skirt. The skirt is stretchy, which makes it comfortable to walk about in and is a good length, even for my short legs. The top is also really comfy and soft, I don't feel too hot or sticky in it. I actually ended up wearing the dress to work, dressing it down with tights and a pair of boots. I got so many compliments from the girls at work, as well as a few customers. Now I can't wait for my next night out, I might even have to treat myself to a pair of bright heels to make a killer outfit!

Have you bought anything from Boutique of Molly? Again I was amazed at the price, only £24.95 for a lovely dress of such high quality!

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Friday, 19 June 2015

H&M Conscious - £5 Off £30 Spend

H and M

I recently handed in two bags of clothes to the H&M Conscious scheme. For every bag of materials you hand in, you get a £5 off voucher when you spend £30. To find more about this scheme, see the link here. I always recycle my old clothes, usually at the banks in ASDA. I decided to try out the H&M scheme, as I buy a lot of clothes from there, especially for work. 

The first item I picked up was the chiffon maxi skirt. I near wore maxi skirts in the past because I thought they made me look stumpy, but this year I've decided to embrace the trend. It has an underskirt to cover your decency, although it's pretty short and tights are needed underneath. I also picked up a crop top  to wear with it (in black, not grey), because it can be worn with so many items. 

I then went in search of the tassle top. Erin has it in a nice dark olive colour and I couldn't resist trying it for work. I realised once I had left the shop that I need to buy a plain crop top for under, as it's also pretty see through. The last item I picked up is the tie bottom blouse. It's feels super soft and looks lovely, but unfortunately the buttons gape over my chest.

Have any of you given clothes to the H&M Conscious scheme? Or any other recycling schemes?

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise Cologne

Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise Cologne

"A modern story of vanilla. The fragile vanilla orchid forms the perfect counterpoint to the oaky caramel-rich vanilla bourbon, spiced with star anise. Warm and enveloping."

As I've mentioned before, I love soft fragrances during the day and spicier scents for night. I currently wear The Body Shops Vanilla or Brazil Nut Eau de Toilette during the day and decided to treat myself to a new night time fragrance as I've finished my bottle of Viva La Juicy.

I've tried the Oud and Bergamot Candle (link) from Jo Malone and decided to give one of the fragrances a go. Since I know I like vanilla, Vanilla and Anise sounded like something I would wear. When I first spray the perfume it smells like sambuca, but once it settles I really like it. It's a soft spiced fragrance, without being too sweet or overpowering. Hours later it still has a warm, slightly spiced scent that feels pretty homely. I've had so many compliments in the three days I've worn this, so it's definitely a keeper!

Have you tried any of the Jo Malone colognes? What one is your favourite? I also really want the Velevet Rose and Oud, but as it only comes in 100ml it's a little pricey right now!

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Friday, 12 June 2015

May Favourites

May Favourites

Last month I had my first Lush purchase, which immediately made me fall in love and have another visit on payday. I repurchased the BIG Sea Salt Shampoo, because although it doesn't give me volume, it gives my hair a good clean and makes it super soft. I also decided to pick up another face mask (Love Lettuce) and the Sea Spray Hair Mist. Unlike other sea salt sprays, it's gentle enough that it doesn't leave hair feeling crispy whilst still helping to give more definition and beachyness to curls.

Another item I've mentioned in my blog before is the Garnier Summer Body. I won't say too much about it as there is a separate post, but I've been using this moisturiser every day since I got it!

May Favourites

I don't know if the Yankee Cappuccino Truffle is a new fragrance, or if I just haven't noticed it before, but it's right up my alley and is now probably my favourite scent! I've been buying the sampler votives to burn in the bathroom, but the smell carries throughout the flat and I don't need to burn any other candles.

May Favourites

The last item in my monthly favourites is probably the one I like the most. It's the MAC Prolongwear Waterproof Foundation. I originally took a sample of this foundation and wasn't keen as I feel that it gets extremely shiny during the day, but I got so many compliments when wearing it that I decided to give it another chance. I now think it's the best foundation I've tried, as although it needs powdered every now and again, it makes my face instantly flawless and the only place it comes off of slightly is my nose, because I always subconsciously touch it. I never realised how much my other foundations fade off, until I went out straight from work and came home at 1am to realise my base looked exactly the same as at 9am in the morning.

Have you tried any of these products? Maybe you can recommend things for me to try this month!
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