Friday, 19 June 2015

H&M Conscious - £5 Off £30 Spend

H and M

I recently handed in two bags of clothes to the H&M Conscious scheme. For every bag of materials you hand in, you get a £5 off voucher when you spend £30. To find more about this scheme, see the link here. I always recycle my old clothes, usually at the banks in ASDA. I decided to try out the H&M scheme, as I buy a lot of clothes from there, especially for work. 

The first item I picked up was the chiffon maxi skirt. I near wore maxi skirts in the past because I thought they made me look stumpy, but this year I've decided to embrace the trend. It has an underskirt to cover your decency, although it's pretty short and tights are needed underneath. I also picked up a crop top  to wear with it (in black, not grey), because it can be worn with so many items. 

I then went in search of the tassle top. Erin has it in a nice dark olive colour and I couldn't resist trying it for work. I realised once I had left the shop that I need to buy a plain crop top for under, as it's also pretty see through. The last item I picked up is the tie bottom blouse. It's feels super soft and looks lovely, but unfortunately the buttons gape over my chest.

Have any of you given clothes to the H&M Conscious scheme? Or any other recycling schemes?

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