Sunday, 11 October 2015

A Hat Full Of Sky || A Story Of Discworld

A Hat Full Of Sky

It's been over a month since I last made a post. For a while I lost interest in blogging, constantly missing out posts, feeling no motivation to create new content and overall just not enjoying blogging as much as I used to. But, after a few people mentioning the fact I hadn't posted in a while, I started to miss blogging. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to write a post! So to ease me back in, here's a little update on what I'm reading.

I recently went to a pub quiz and one of the questions was about Terry Pratchett's A Shepherds Crown, which I hadn't realised was released. I love the Tiffany Aching books so I immediately messaged my mum to see if she had it already. We ordered it shortly after, but since it had been so long I decided that I wanted to re read the series.  I finished the first book, The Wee Free Men, in days, but haven't had much time to delve into A Hat Full of Sky.

The Tiffany Aching books are about a young witch (Tiffany) who lives in The Chalk. She meets the Nac Mac Feegle Clan - a bunch of rowdy, drunk blue men-  on her family's farmland, who become her ally. As a witch she faces many trials, including saving her brother from the Queen of the Elves in Fairyland.

The books were written as young adult books, so they're easy to get through, but not at all too simple or boring!

Have you read any of the Tiffany Aching books? Or any of the Discworld series? Which would you recommend?

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