Monday, 16 November 2015

Dressing Table Dreaming

Dressing Table Dreaming

With a bit of luck, in a month I will be moving into my first ever flat that I can really call "home". (Although I always think of my parents house as the only true home) Most of the furnishings for the flat are being left for us, which makes everything a little easier, but one thing I definitely need in the bedroom is a dressing table.

As a make up artist I naturally have a lot of make up, so finding a dressing table that will either fit a set of drawers underneath or have enough storage space to accommodate my ever expanding kit, as well as fitting into the space is proving to be a little difficult. So far the two best options I've seen are the Kingston Small Dressing Table and the Floating Dressing Table from Etsy. I really, really like the idea of the Floating Dressing Table, as it takes up such little room and gives me more flexibility with its positioning.

No dressing table is complete without a mirror of course, (as well as a mini tabletop mirror if you have eyesight as bad as mine) and the dream would be an LED mirror. But, being more realistic, I'm not too fussed how the mirror looks, as long as it's tall enough for me to see in when sat down.

The last few items I'm looking for when thinking of a dressing table are storage items. Lakeland have an amazing range of pretty and practical storage, from which I already own a set of interlocking bins, which keep my drawers neat and tidy. On the table top, I've looked at a little jewellery tree, pots for make up brushes and a few jars for odds and ends like cotton pads and buds. For most of these, I have plenty of jar candles that I can use, which will be all matchy matchy and pretty, but if not there's plenty of nice options at Lakeland!

Have you got a dressing table? how have you decorated it? Let me know in the comments!

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