Sunday, 29 November 2015

MOTD || The Reality

MOTD The Reality
We've all been there. After spending an hour or two perfecting your make up, maybe even trying out something new and daring, you can't help but taking a selfie to show the world. The sun is out, giving you the perfect lighting to get snap happy. But alas, no matter how many angles you try out, the photos don't do your hard work any justice!

I try to take a make up selfie once or twice a week, but I only ever post about one a month as I'm never happy. Photo's like the above are hard - I have to take a far away shot, then crop it to the eye area so that it doesn't look too blurry but still shows the eye make up. Even then, the lines look a little fuzzy, which wasn't the case IRL! Eyeshadow shots are the worst, I just don't have the eye shape for it at all.

As if all this selfie business wasn't hard enough, if you saw my MOTD at the end of the day before I take it off, you'd be even less impressed. Take the disconnected liner for example. I have deep set eyes and oily skin, so to get the liner under the eye I had to pretty much stretch the skin downwards and slowly add the line bit by bit, so that when I let go it was a smooth line. All that effort and an hour or so later, the crease under my eyes had become oily and I just had a big back smudge underneath my eyes. My mascara also always ends up melting off, leaving my lashes a bit shorter and nice black smudge under my brow bone. *sigh* It's a hard life, eh?

Comment below with the reality of your MOTD, or feel free to tell me that you're a make up magician and it all goes smoothly!

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  1. Thanks for following my blog on Instagram, I've followed you back and checked out your blog which is great, I'm gonna sign up to follow it by email.

  2. Haha this is SO relatable! I can never get a good makeup selfie and it always annoys me so much - especially if I'm out and get complimented on my makeup and I'm like YEAH if only my camera thought it looked that good too!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. I know, I really don't get how people get those crisp close ups of eyes??




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