Friday, 18 December 2015

Last Minute Stocking Fillers Under £10

Stocking Fillers Under £10Stocking Fillers Under £10

This post is a little bit cheeky, as it's actually my Secret Santa gift - but since I find that stocking fillers are always the hardest, I couldn't help posting it in hopes of helping someone with the same problem!

Most of these little nic-naks came from good ol' Primark! I wanted to create a little pamper box, so I went for Bath Petals, a Chocolate Face Mask and Macadamia Hair Oil. I spent ages umming and ahhhing over all the cute little options - fairy lights, mugs, candles, candle mugs, home decorations, shower gels and lotions, chocolate lip balms, manicure sets, even shampoos and conditioners!

Of course, no pamper box would be complete without chocolate! I couldn't decide between plain and caramel Dairy Milk, but luckily they were on offer in ASDA so I happily got both. I also got Reindeer Hot Chocolate from the Christmas Fair at my old primary school, they do it most years along with Reindeer dust, which you sprinkle in the garden to let the reindeer know where to go! (Side note- my mum also got me a beautiful angel made from an old book at the fair, how beautifully crazy!)

I also found some gorgeous jewellery for under a tenner in River Island, so picked out two simple choker necklaces. I especially like the simple black gem in the choker pictured at the bottom. I bought a glittery box from The Card Factory, along with the little "Merry Christmas" sprinkles to put in the box.

What are you favourite stocking fillers this year? Let me know in the comments below!
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Monday, 7 December 2015

Instamatte || Update and Review

A while back I did a mini The Body Shop haul (here) in which I mentioned my interest in their Instamatte primer. I kept forgetting to use it and take it out with me, but I've finally given it a good run and I'm ready to make a review!

Instamatte has a firm, waxy texture that promises to smooth the skin as an oil controlling primer, as well as having the option to use over the top of make up during the day for touch ups. I've been using it instead of my usual primer and have noticed a massive difference. My T-zone is always extremely oily and it keeps the oily at bay, meaning the only place I have to touch up is my nose - which I find I constantly touch during the day anyway! I still set my foundation with a light dusting of powder, but I find that I don't have to add anything else as my skin starts to get dry and patchy.

I have tried putting Instamatte on top of my foundation during the day to touch it up, but as it's such a waxy texture I have to use the puff, which only moves my foundation around. If anyone has any ideas how I can use it on top, please leave me a comment below!

The only downside I really have to Instamatte is cleaning the sponge. It gets a little dry and crispy (you can sort of see this in the photos) after a day or two and is a little hard to clean, as the product makes everything a little slidy. 

Have you tried Instamatte? If you like any gel based primers such as Porefessional I recommend giving it a go! 

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