Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2016 Update || A New Flat and My Dressing Table

2016 Update

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will no doubt have seen that over the festive period I’ve been moving into Scott and I’s first flat. It’s been a busy few weeks between working and moving, but we’re finally all settled in and just waiting on a sofa and the internet being set up!

One of the most exciting parts of moving in has been buying everything for the flat. Even the little things like mugs and cutlery are fun when it’s for your own little space in the world! Then of course, you get to decide exactly where in the flat they go.

2016 Update

My own little space in the flat is my new dressing table, which I got from John Lewis. It has a drawer in the front that is perfect to store all of my make up, in which I’ve used Lakeland drawer trays to keep everything tidy. For Christmas my family got me a No.7 mirror that has a ring light and a magnified side for close up eye make up. I also kindly got a fold out mirror from my friend Rebecca, which fits perfectly on top. I’m still waiting for a 2 drawer bedside table to slot underneath the table, some acrylic drawers to put my everyday items in, as well as getting through a candle or two to use as brush holders!

2016 Update
Featuring our very mature lighter.
I also picked up a bronze tray from The Range when we were shopping for a lot of the items for the flat. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect as a background for blogging photos - I had previously wanted a mirrored tray from H&M but never bought it in time.

What little bits and bobs have you gotten to make wherever you live feel like home? The only thing left to buy for us is decor, but I guess we'll get there over time!

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