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Tk Maxx Find || SPAscriptions Hydrating Spa Treatment Mask

Sheet Face Mask SPAscriptions

 The Aberdeen Kittybewster retail park is close to my new flat and is somewhere I've never really been. It has some great discount shops, such as Poundworld, B&M's and TK Maxx. There's a massive TK Maxx at Union Square, but I find it really cluttered and too big to really find anything decent in. I went to the Kittybrewster store the other week week in search of a tray for my perfume and was pleasantly surprised to see that the store was laid out a lot clearer for my liking. I had a good little wonder without getting bored and saw heaps of little nic naks I would possibly go back for in the near future!

Of course, I ended up picking up one or two little extras on my way to the till, one of them being the SPAscriptions Hydrating Spa Treatment Mask. After trying to do some research, I really couldn't find much information or even any reviews on the brand! But, when I saw that it had hyaluronic acid, I was seriously tempted to give it a try. I always buy LUSH face masks, that are about £6.50 and last me just over a month, so spending £4.99 on this didn't seem like such a risk.

Best Sheet Face Mask

The dried out mask in the photo above looks a lot jollier than when it's on the face! Each mask is folded up in a little sachet filled with serum and when you put it on you sort of look like a half melted wax figure. The instructions say to smooth out the mask over the face and leave on for 20 minutes, before removing and massaging in the excess serum. The serum does leave a little bit of a film feeling on the skin, but when I leave it overnight and wash my face in the morning it feels super soft!

In general I have noticed quite a difference in my skin: it feels a lot softer and needs exfoliated less, as well as my make up sitting a lot better and lasting longer on my face. I'm currently battling between repurchasing these masks and going back to Lush Oatifix and I really can't decide! 

Have you ever heard of SPAscriptions? I'm surprised at the lack of information online so if anyone has please comment below!

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  1. Hey, just saw your review & have to say this was the worst sheet mask, for me. I have been using sheet masks for quite awhile, purchasing most of the from TJmaxx, in the states.......the day after I used coconut/hydrating mask, my entire face broke out in a rash, red, inflamed & bumps! Will be returning.hope others have better luck!

    1. Hi
      I have exactly the same reaction to the under eye treatment- my face is bumpy, red, itchy and swollen; it's awful.

      I will be returning this product also!

  2. I love TK Maxx bargains! Can never stop myself from having a browse everytime I'm in town. Will definitely have to try this one out for a pamper evening in the future x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

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