BANANA BEAUTY is a community-first, D2C (direct to consumer), female-led make-up brand from Berlin that sees looks as a form of self-expression. For us beauty means fun, bold, and real.

Our products are vegan and cruelty free. To us, this is obvious. This is our normal and standard requirements. We keep our production chain close by and under those regulations.

We were born simply out of the desire for making things differently, for breaking away from old standards – of beauty and of what a beauty brand is supposed to be.

Makeup is a chance to play with color and try new things. To experiment with a bold lip today, and a nude tone tomorrow, and everything in between. Explore, discover, play. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we have fun with our looks and we are not afraid of being crazy or silly.

We value authenticity. This means, as a brand, to be faithful towards itself, true to its consumers, motivated by caring and responsability, and able to support consumers in being true to themselves. We know that real is better than perfect. And we want to inspire our consumers to feel the same.

Our vision is to support our consumers in expressing themselves with joy and confidence. And we do this by creating self-expression tools in the shape of high quality color cosmetic products. Makeup is a way of matching your outside to how you feel inside, for bringing out a part of your personality or mood of the day.


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